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The Kingdom of Morocco

Desert Dreams an Epic Adventures await


If the wind is blowing from the right direccion.... you will see it already clearly from the south coast of Europe. ... And just a short Ferry trip over, you are in Tanger- The Gateway to Morocco! .... Tanger was a crazy place full of impressions and funny Moments, specially because we were driving a car threw all markets ..... this City needs around one or two days to get discovered

1-2 hours can easy pass by while checking out every corner of this blue Mace! and its not one single minute boring, every corner is bit different, and the blue i´s just amazing! The Berber´s are the People of Morocco, because Morocco is first a Berber Country, and second a muslimisch. Berber means "free Man" and thats all a reason because you´ll find so many different religions in this Place


Narrow passways, walls and doors all in blue.... berber blue. This is Chefchaouen! The famous blue city of moroccons old berber people! This Majestic place is located in the north part of Morocco, ... and yeah a must see for everyone who´s coming to morocco, all walls n doors, streets n gates are painted in a beautiful blue, and its not just because its a nice color, its because this is the Berber Color!


A place where it seems you are houndred years back in time, chaos is living here... people bargaining about everything.... welcome to crazy, welcome to djemaa el fna, the old market of Marrakech.
At daytime there are many shops in every street, you can buy everything you can imagine.... seriously everything!.... but the real magic happens at night.

The Sahara Desert - Queen of Deserts - Our 4 Days Trip with Morocco Active Adventures

An ocean full of sand, dry..... weird animals living in this tough terrain and a few people also, specialised for the surrounding..... welcome to the Great Sahara desert!

what a massiv place , and every corner looks like the same, just our guide recognizes every single dune to bring us safe threw the desert.after a few hours ride, the sun started to vanish, and we had a stunning sunset in the worlds most famous desert.

Call/ WhatsApp or Wechat: +212600643098. |Email:

We have been on the way to the great sahara dessert with moroccon active adventures, but a tour with these guy´s isn´t just about the destination, the way was an adventure in and of itself! Stunning views and discovery behind every courner.

to be fair flip flops wasnt maybe the best choice, but we couldnt stop exploring the areas so we slipped our way threw.

... and if this wouldn't be enough, we had a thunderstorm coming towards, and spend hours watching on the hill close to the camp, taking photos of something that truly just happens once in a lifetime. Food drinks and the whole crew sitting at the bonfire, playing drums and singing with us .... it was pure magic..! And after this fun time, they took us for a discover tour threw the night life of the desert.

In Morocco you will find the richest people driving their Ferraris around, living without any problems, and you will find the ones who seriously have nothing.... we went to them to find out what it means to live the hard life! This is also part of the tour of Morocco active adventures, another unique thing of this travel agent.... and mind blowing ... after the walk threw the todra gorge, we went up the hill to visit a berber family, living in a cave. The Mom, daughter and little son are "home" now when we arrived, the older son is out working with sheep to feed the family, the Dad unfortunately just past away..... you can imagine how much pressure there must be on the shoulders of the son.

To sum it up, you can´t go wrong with this trip, if you like to get your mind blown. ring them, they´ll hook you up !

Diving adventures in Morocco, just a pipe dream? It couldn´t be further from the truth!

It was really hard to find a propper Diving Center in Morocco! But we did it! These Guy´s are creating something truly awesome at the moment. Not Only is the way to Al Hoceima comparable with Australias Great Ocian Road, an highly recommended sight in Australia,... No the Divesites they run are exeptional as well!

Maroc, Al hoceima  +212 602 31 99 87

These guy´s made our Trip unforgettable. The best Thing tho is, they are Preferred Partner with us now and Certifies Sapphire Guide!
That means if you like to go there, give them a Shoutout and collect your 10% Discount with the Code: SAPPHIRE SAFARI !

What else happened in Morocco ?

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Cheers Guy´s This is Sapphire Safari!
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