how to plan an adventure

Well obviously the first thing to do is to get yourself clear on whats the goal here. If you are looking to derail yourself from a busy Dayjob, we´ll always advise you to get something adventourous and preferably outdoors. But there comes quite a few issues with that.

Most people are disappointed when they get to there holiday destination. in the brochure it just looked a bit more stunning and everything seemed to be a little more exiting. Then you quickly get stuck in a overly filled tour to some random place while the guide is telling you stuff you didn´t even want to know.

Thats obviously not optimal and the reason Sapphire Safari is catching up steam, but this is also the reason a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers are very successful in their field. So the first thing to do is check out some Travel Blogs and YouTube Channels and see if there is anything that exites you.

Than pick something and never look back! We are serious about this one, it is very important that you emerce yourself in the upcomming holiday, because if you don´t feel it,... you just don´t feel it.

The planning and booking as well as the preparation is the fun part. If you don´t believe me, try it yourself and see how the positive preassure grows with every tiny step you take towards the trip, and with every new thing you find out about the places you are going.

Make sure you got stuff to do! A lot of people think they need to relax and kick it back in their free time, sit around and wait for the holiday to be over. Nothing could be further from the truth if you are looking to fill up your energy you need to stay busy. There´s a saying: "If you want to meet the devil, have some white space on your calender, he´ll come and see you.


It is absolutely vital to see something absolutely new once in a while.

So make sure you are not afraid to go to unseen places and to meet strangers along the way. Once you are clear about where to go, do whatever it takes to make your next big adventure a reality.

Get freakin exited about what you are going to witness !!!

Plan your Trips from Home

As stated earlier, you shouldn´t be sitting around in boredom in your holiday vacation. Even tho I dispise the people that see Ibiza and Mallorca just to get absolutely wasted in the time beeing. They do have point, since they don´t waste their holiday lying around to catch some taint, just to get the coworkers jelous.

The attempt we´re suggesting is to plan ahead, and make sure you get some quality guides that take you to stunning areas, preferably where no one ever was before. I know I know, that is basicly impossible to do but you get what I´m trying to tell ya. Don´t get on trips full of tourists. A lot of this you can avoid, by picking a rare destination. That helps you in that regard already.

Travel with as less baggage as possible. Basicly a shirt, some pants and the camera equipment does it for me most of the time. Since I have a tendency to by myself new clothes anyway, everytime I find myself abroad. But the Camera and technical equipment to make sure I´ll have quality footage of the trip is not so easy to replace. Thats why I fill up on equipment and everything else is a bonus.

I hope you find this little guide entertaining, see you soon someplace

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